Monday, January 7, 2008

Nam's Imen Den (Name Day)

Every Macedonian man who is named after a Saint (which is quite common) celebrates an Imen Den. For instance, on January 5th Saint Nam is celebrated. So on that day, every man who is named after this saint has a big party with lots of food and wine. They invite their whole family and all their friends to come by their house and celebrate. Melanie and I have gotten to be good friends with Nam and Nade, our landlords. Also, the lady holding the bowl of chocolates is Nade, Nam's wife. As soon as you come in and get seated, she hands you a piece of chocolate :) I like that tradition. Nam's son, Ilche even came down from Skopje. He is in the picture with Melanie and I. And I must say, Kate and Nam have become quite the pair!

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Caddy said...

That's really interesting. Out of curiosity, are the women named after saints, and/or do they celebrate any name days?

I agree with you about the chocolate tradition :) That's awesome.