Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This Sunday was our last day with the Zaevs. They have been such a blessing to all of us! They were here for a month from America visiting Zoran's family. Now they are back in West Virginia. They have been working with the Macedonians here who speak both Enlgish and Macedonian fluently, to translate more materials for evangelism. They will be having a Macedonian family live with them for 6 months. They plan to come back for another visit next year :) It's hard to say goodbye, specially to people that you see every day and share the same heart with. But please pray for Angela and Zoran as they continue their ministry in the states. Of course this isn't a picture of everyone from the church because Brian and Mandy are still in Greece with Brian's parents. We hope they have a great time and a safe return!

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