Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm an aunt!

On August 5th my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Benjamin. She and her husband Kyle are gonna be great parents.


Ragha said...

hey karen...Benjamin looks cuuuuttteeeee.....i would love to see more pics of him with cindy n kyle......send me if u hav som....n convey my wishes to wonderful cindy n kyle...i wish that god is allways with cuutteee benji :)

shravani said...

hey karen....Benjamin looks so cuuuuttteeee....i wish that GOD is always with benji n bless him all the time....convey my regards to wonderful parents cindy n kyle. and also to Mr n Mrs Knowles for their first grand son..i would love to see more pics of benji..send me if u hav some.