Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Game Night!

What a fun night! We have some neighbors who love to sit outside the coffee house on a nice night and play cards. They're funny old men and they have lots of friends who walk past our coffee house. It's kinda cool cause their friends come and sit with them for a little while and sometimes drink coffee too. So they're a help to making us seem not so strange to Macedonians. Also, there's a great picture of Igor and Brian playing chess. Igor is our "Man of Peace". He has introduced us to soo many new people! Plus he speaks English like and old British lady :) And then there's little Maria. She is always hanging out with us. Her mom, Yordeh, owns a botique next door so she's always around and she is such a little sweetheart.

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Marc Ira Hooks said...

Hey, I can read the signs on your windows....how cool is that?!?!

Can't wait to see you in October.