Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Old" New Years

According to the Old Orthodox calender, New Years is celebrated on January 14th. So I went with my friends Milka and Robert and 2 of their friends to Vevchani. We hiked in the snow to visit the famous Vevchani springs and also joined a crowed of masked gobblins for a concert to ring in the "Old" New Year. It's a Macedonian tradition to wear a costume on New Years eve. No one really seems to know how this tradition got started, but they carry it on. It felt a little like Halloween but without the candy.
One interesting tradition which is also similar to Halloween is on Christmas eve, children go door to door with little wooden hammers starting early in the morning to collect candy. This is also to remind people that Jesus is born. Sadly, we didn't have any kids come to our door :(

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