Monday, February 16, 2009

Sakash Marama?? (You want a scarf)

Thanks to a group of hard-working ladies in North Carolina, we received 83 hand-made scarves. As a team we brain-stormed how to hand out the scarves, should we give them to our friends? Do we have 83 friends? Haha. But we all decided that what we should do is hand out the scarves to the ladies who work at the pazar (open market) because that would reach a whole new group of people who would probably never come into our coffee house. And many of the workers at the pazar are from nearby villages, which we would probably never get to visit. Along with the scarves we handed out a tract and a book called "Isus, Nasha Sudbina" (Jesus, Our Destiny) as well as a flyer for the English classes at the coffee house. Much prayer was put into this whole thing. Melanie and I really had fun. And now I kinda feel like I know everyone at the pazar! I'm excited about the seeds that were planted today. We may never see the fruits of this day, but I have faith that people will hear the Gospel through the scarf/book hand-out.


Mary@PBC said...

Hi Karen...I am one of the the ladies from North Carolina who made the scarves,my name is Mary I was Liz's prayer partner when she was there.I'm so happy to see that it went well.Do you have anymore photos of the ladies at the market?I would love to see them if you do.I pray that God will touch the people of Macedonia.Thank You for your hard work there.May God Bless You Mary Bollinger

Karen said...

Yes! I have a few more picture and Melanie has some as well. Can I e-mail them to you? If so, what's your address??