Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is a picture of my small group in Williamsburg, VA

Zdravo! Well, we are well into our sixth week of training! It has FLOWN by but I have learned so much and I am still discovering how much I have to learn. Ha ha. And having a blast doing it. Last week we completed "contingency training". Basically they put us in hostage-type situations and give us helpful information about how to deal with these things. Just incase. It was actually really fun. Keep us all in your prayers Friday as we hit the streets of Washington D.C. to share our fatih and hopefully find people from our people group. Which for Melanie and I is Macedonians.


irenetk said...

Hi Karen, we are so ready to see you again...only 2 weeks...looking forward to meeting your small group as well. Love, Dad and Mom

WA Taylors said...

Hi Karen. We are so excited for and proud of you! You are definitely in our prayers. Love, Gordon and the Fam.

fergi said...

Zdravo Karen,
I am quite sure that you will have a great and wondrous time in Macedonia. You are where God wants you to be and you will do great things. If you keep the passion you have now, the change you and your team will make in the Macedonians will be tremendous.
We are all proud of you I am looking forward to reading of your adventure.
God bless you and, I'll have a frothy cappuccino.

Sam. said...

i'm so excited for you!