Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Made It!!!

I can't believe I'm really in Macedonia! Other moments I feel at home already. I was a little nervous about traveling overseas by myself. But it turned out to be a piece of cake. I had a stop in ATL and one in DC. Then I had a 6hr layover in Vienna. Well I couldn't just sit in the airport for 6 hrs. So I found a train downtown and walked around for an hour or so and then found aother train back to the airport. I slept most of the way to Vienna. When I got through customs, I was shocked to find a man loading my luggage onto a cart. He asked me if I spoke German in German. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled and looked confused and then we continued communicating through hand signals. I was met outisde the airport by Jeff, Amy,(missionaries in Skopje) and Jovan. They somehow loaded all of my "heavy" luggae into their van/station wagon. We saw some cows chillin on the roadside one we got there. Jovan left after he got his Dr. Pepper, haha. Jeff and Amy took me downtown before dinner to walk around. A very famous singer in Macedonia died 2 days ago so almost everyone is mourning and playing his music in their stores. We went to this awesome Macedonian restraunt for dinner. After dinner we walked by "Coffee Row" which is just this street with coffe shop after coffee shop where people get together and drink coffee on couches and chairs. It was so beatutiful! Next we went to see Brian, Mandy, and little Kate at the hospital! She is so beautiful! The Davises are great people! I can tell they are going to be great to work with. They have been working so hard, even with the baby on the way, to get ready for Melanie and I. Well, I went to bed at 9pm and didn't get out of bed till 11:30 am! ha ha. I guess I needed it. That's all for now. More pictures and stories to come!


Marc Ira Hooks said...

Glad to see that you made it and are adjusting well. I know the next couple of weeks for you will be one adventure after has been for us!

Remember that "your family" loves you and the kids especially miss you very much, especially SB.

Keep us up to date!

Marc (for all)

Tony said...

I am glad that you made it safely and got to see some amazing sunrises and sets. Wish I could've seen the sun rise over the alps! Always praying for you!


Amanda said...

Heeeey cooooow! Haha. Oh, memories! I'm glad to read about your travels and I hope everything is going great! Love you and miss you, and I'll be praying. Love, Amanda

Lorraine said...
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Lorraine said...

Woohoo!! Good for you! Thanks for letting us know you made it safely. I'm sure you will have lots to do in the next days and weeks.
We were praying for you, dear, and will continue to pray for you and the folks there.
Please keep us posted.

kathyc said...

Glad to hear you make it okay and loving it. I hope Melanie makes it as well. Make her email her mom asap.

Praying for you both,

her mom,........Kathy

Sam. said...

Yay you made it!
I love you very much sweet sister.
Can't wait to read all of your adventures!

WeLoveBulldogs said...

Wow Doo! :) You make sure'n get you lots of dat good coffee stuff! What's the Macedonian music like? Is it weird with those finger symbols n' stuff? Lots of Love, Siss

Angel said...

I'm glad you made it there safely. I think it's funny you mentioned the cows on the road. When I was in Germany with my parents a couple of years ago, we were driving down the road in the middle of town, and there was a man hearding his cows down the street. We had to stop and wait for them to cross the street. One of them stopped right in front of the car and just hung out for a while. It was funny! I hope you have a great weekend!

George & Sue said...

We thank God you have made it to Macedonia safely. Our prayers are with you, Melanie and the team as you reach out to the people. We look forward to hearing how the Lord uses you in ministy. Eph 3:20-21.
George & Sue

George & Sue said...

We praise God that you have made it to Macedonia and continue to pray for you and Melanie. May the Lord bless each day with His presence and grace. We look forward to reading how He touches the lives of the people through you and your team.
George & Sue

benandmildred said...

Karen--Got your "Pray for karen" card out of my SS folder this morning with your blog address on it. So glad you got to Macedonia okay. I know that you are going to have fun and that God is going to use you in a great way! Do they have McDonald's over there? Are you actually in Ohrid? How large is it? Mr. Ben and I will keep you in our prayers. With love, Mrs. Mildred Otis

Jordan said...

I am so glad that you made it to Macedonia!! Now I will not worry as much. Just so you know Prayer Breakfast is going super well so far. Tim Morgan is in charge of it and he is disappointed that there are not many guys that come. So much is going on at shcool but I am on tribreak so school is not on my mind. I love you and I miss you so much!!!!!

Soak it Up and Enjoy the
Adventure of Life,