Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Great Night!

Well tonight was interesting! Daphinka came by with her two 6 year old daughters(we nicknamed them the "Little Terrors" Ha ha. They are really cute and like to play board games without any rules. Then Tamara came by. She and Melanie tackled some tough Bible passages. Then Petar came in and talked to Brian. Jane came by! Yay! And at one time the back corner was full of people. Later, around closing, Nedan, a guy I met while I was taking a walk last week, came by. He talked mostly about this museum in Struga he went to where they have a lot of dead, stuffed animals. Ha ha. Oh and I got to meet the shop owner next door. I didn't have a key to the bathroom but she did. And it was an emergency! So it forced me to use my Macedonian or else... But it was great. She totally understood. And she is really nice. Well that bout sums up the night.

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